About The Hollywood Times


THT  has meticulously compiled a team of the most talented writers and photographers from around the country to bring you the latest and best in entertainment news!!

From the Pacific Ocean to the Hollywood Hills and beyond 

    The Hollywood Times is your source

for entertainment news!

The Hollywood Times LLC

Henry Schwarz

Lorraine Chambers – OC Editor

Journalists/Reporters/Contributing Writers:

 Brittany Banks – Toronto, Canada

Elizabeth Carbe’

Mikey Adam Cohen – Music

 Emeraldlorraine  – Global Irish

Mark ‘Fergie’ Ferguson – UK Abroad

Sheri Fox

 Sharoll Jackson

Sherell Jackson

Kim Kennedy

Kate Kight – Washington D.C.

Kely Lyons

 Geoffrey Maingart (Music)

Sean McCarthy – New York City

Valerie Milano (Television)

 Joe Morgan

Dale Nickey

 Jerry Pilato – San Diego (Theatre)

 Kitten Kay Sera

Robyn Reede – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Marilyn Santiago – Miami, Florida

Judy Shields

Nicolas Valdez – Palm Springs, CA

Dr. Laura Wilhelm


Lucson Barthelemy

Blu Bellavia

Bob Delgadillo

Ignacio Fregoso

Jill Horvath

Kevin Lynn

Beck Starr

Jimmy Steinfeldt

Steve Viero


Programming Insider – Marc Berman

Look to the Stars

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    Hollywood, CA 90078-2989

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  2. Hey
    What’s your mailing address so I can send the jump drive from The Steve Chase Awards for your writers.

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