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Get your Sing, Meadowlark tickets now!

Sing, Meadowlark tickets going fast. Get yours now! Don’t miss this fun play of politics, a gay gene, and an earthquake!

Join our great Palm Springs cast
for the production of

Sing, Meadowlark
A Readers Play by Ronni Sanlo


LGBT Center of the Desert Women’s Programs

The Great Earthquake creates a new island off of the coast of California. Simultaneously, the gene that causes homosexuality is discovered. All who test positive are sent to the new island called Cali. Sing Meadowlark recounts the stories of both a young lesbian professional and the older lesbian prime minister from Cali and the challenges of returning to an America that is officially openly hostile to lesbian and gay people. 

March 10, 2018, 2:00 PM
Four Seasons Ballroom
3800 Four Seasons Blvd.
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Tickets are $15 and $25.

Ticket sales to $1000 matched by two anonymous donors!

The Palm Springs cast:
Shirelle Alexander
Ken Blochowski
David Brooks
Noreen Caswell
Ruth Debra
Linda del Bianco
Christine Logan
Rick Lubrano
Lin Phillippi
Joy Silver
Shay Taylor
Kerrie Terry
Mei Ling Tom
Katie Ullman
Paul Zak
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