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KCET Link TV’s Reel South Airs Tonight, Grammy-Winning Recording Artist Darius Rucker Hosts The Series

REEL SOUTH returns to Link TV’s January programming. Hootie & the Blowfish member and platinum-selling, Grammy -winning recording artist Darius Rucker hosts the series.



By: Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 1/23/2018  “They all tell a story I want to hear and there’s not one episode that I haven’t thought was great.”  Darius Rucker said about the stories being featured on Reel South.

REEL SOUTH is a new anthology series that highlights the masterful, provocative Southern tradition of storytelling, exploring the alluring and complicated region and its diverse voices and points of view. Highlighted through half-hour and hour-long independent, documentary films about the American South, one of the most unique corners of America.


The Hollywood Times sent a couple of questions to Darius Rucker:

THT: What story caught your interest and why?

Darius: Tons of them. In season two it was Soul City and the one about the white dirt that really caught my attention. This season, the whole New Orleans story was amazing and can’t wait to rematch that one. The story of Gip’s place was a great one. They all tell a story I want to hear and there’s not one episode that I haven’t thought was great.

THT: Might you write a song about some of the stories that were featured on Reel South?

Darius: I can’t say I wouldn’t.

THT: What’s your favorite Southern food?

Darius: Okra soup is by far my favorite Southern food.



Episode Loglines:

#205 The State of Eugenics” – Tues., Jan. 23 at 9 pm ET/PT

By Dawn Sinclair Shapiro. Between 1933 and 1974, the state of North Carolina ran one of the most aggressive eugenics programs, sterilizing more than 7,600 men, women and children. The film follows the journey of survivors, legislators and journalists who insist the state confront its role in the tragic, forced sterilization of thousands of Americans thought to have “undesirable” genetics.





#208 120 Days” – Tues., Jan. 30 at 9 pm ET/PT

By Ted Roach. Due to his immigration status, family man Miguel Cortes must make a tough choice. After an unexpected traffic stop, a North Carolina judge has offered Miguel 120 days to get his affairs in order and self-deport to Mexico – leaving his wife and two daughters. Will he leave for Mexico or disappear into the shadows in his adopted homeland?

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