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Eurocinema World’s Founders Set To Launch Short Format Content App FlixSnip

Cannes, MIPCOM – October 16, 2017 — Sebastien Perioche and Jacques Perioche, founders of leading content networks Eurocinema World and Eurocinema, today have unveiled the new short format content app FlixSnip, which will feature exclusive, curated content designed for today’s busy lifestyle.

Set to launch in December 2017, the FlixSnip app and exclusive content will be available to cable operators, telcos, OTT, mobile and VOD platforms worldwide, offering them the opportunity to embed the app on their services, providing an additional viewing option for their customer base. FlixSnip will also be available to video streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV and Facebook Watch. 

“With FlixSnip, we’re providing a wonderful opportunity to enhance the current content consumption options offered by our cable, mobile and telco partners,” comments Sebastien Perioche. “Now viewers will have the possibility to enjoy quality, short form filmed content, anywhere and at any time on their tablets, phones and mobile devices.”

FlixSnip will feature high quality, short format entertainment content, 15 minutes or less, in all genres, including drama, animation, children’s, family, comedy, science fiction and horror. Curated from top distributors and filmmakers around the globe, thirty hours of premium, localized content, featuring English subtitles, will be available at launch.

The company has offices in Paris and Barcelona. 


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