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Gwen Sebastian Releases “Cadillac”

Penned by Sebastian, Lambert & Lewis

Flying Island’s Gwen Sebastian will release her new single “Cadillac” on August 11.  “Cadillac” was written by Gwen, Miranda Lambert and April Lewis.

Gwen Sebastain’s new CD “Cadillac”

“It’s been a while since I’ve released new music and “Cadillac” best represents the sound of my upcoming album.  I wrote it with Miranda Lambert & April Lewis on a girl’s trip to California.  The lyrics definitely were inspired by the California vibe,” Sebastian said.

“It’s Miranda’s first single on another artist and it was April’s first song she’s ever co-written, so we’re all very connected to it,” Sebastian added.



Cadillac” is from her forthcoming album Once Upon a Time in the West that will be released in November.

Cadillac single — listen only link:

Gwen Sebastain

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