Introducing: Dr. James Mercer (Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Foster Care Advocate)

May is Foster Care Awareness Month

6.6 Million referrals are made to child protective services each year. Our client Dr. James W. Mercer is trying to combat this epidemic through his memoir,“Secrets and Shame: Dear Oprah Diaries.” 

James W. Mercer, Ph.D. is a writer, motivational speaker, philanthropist and active member of the LGBT community.  His book recounts the daily abuse he endured, and explains how writing letters to Oprah and watching her show strengthened his will to live.

Secrets and Shame,” published by Archway Publishing, shares his story of growing up in a small Texas town as a gay Jewish boy. Born to an alcoholic abusive father who blamed him for everything that went wrong in his life, James nearly didn’t make it out alive. Since its 2016 release, the book received rave reviews and a 5-rating on Amazon, describing his writing as “a testament to the human spirit.”

Mercer has been featured on Good Morning America, San Diego Living, and Good Day Austin, among others and he supports many charitable events. A portion of book profits benefit foster care children through his non-profit Lonestar Fostering Connections.

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