Sheehan’s Star-studded “WINNERS 2017”

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David Sheehan’s


The Oscar Race fever – then and now

The 25 most famous winners speak out!

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         AND THE WINNERS ARE 2017” begins by celebrating this year’s Oscars, with Sheehan applauding what he calls “Hollywood’s all-out toast to diversity” thanks to winners of color like “Moonlight” (Barry Jenkins and Mahershala Ali) and “Fences” (Viola Davis), but the 2017 Academy Awards have also been complained about for the lack of big name superstars.

Conversely, AND THE WINNERS ARE 2017” brings viewers up-close with the timeless star-studded sizzle of Oscar Fever over the years, and what it all means to the super-famous competitors who have won (and lost).

In 1970 Sheehan was the first entertainment reporter-critic on a regularly scheduled nightly newscast in the history of television. Now, some 47 years later, his AND THE WINNERS ARE 2017” turns out to have more major stars (25) than any hour-long show in the history of television.

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