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Breaking Down Past Life Therapy with Author Ann C. Barham

Past Life Regression Therapist and Author, Ann C. Barham is bringing the “new age” practice of past life therapy to the mainstream….and people are LOVING it!

On a recent episode of the Doctors TV, Real Houswives of Orange County star, Kelly Dodd, underwent a past life therapy session with Ann and shared her incredible experience with their viewers nationwide.

Ann breakdowns the top 5 things everyone (both skeptics and believers) should know about Past Life Regression Therapy below. Or you can check out Barham’s recently released book The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, which details sixteen years of Barham’s experience with past life regression therapy.

Let me know if you are interested in interviewing Ann or would like to see a book copy.–Nicki

1. You don’t necessarily need to believe in reincarnation and past lives to benefit from past life therapy; the stories that come up can be seen as powerful metaphors for what you’re facing in your current life.  By working therapeutically with these stories, we can rapidly resolve enduring issues.

2.  Past life therapy is quick and enduring.  We often resolve long-standing issues that have resisted more conventional approaches, sometime including years of conventional therapy.  Since we are working at a deep level, the changes usually are permanent.

3.  We are often able to access levels of spiritual guidance that are difficult even for the experienced meditator to access on their own.  Many people come away having lost their fear of death, having connected with loved ones who have passed, and having had a deeply felt experience of their eternal existence – similar to having a near death experience (NDE).

4.  An increase in acceptance and tolerance of those different than ourselves. As more people embrace the possibility of having lived prior lives as very different personalities, holding different political and religious beliefs, being different races, nationalities, gender and sexual orientation than we might be now, we can increase our acceptance and tolerance of those different than ourselves, encouraging us to embrace and celebrate our diversity.

5.  By connecting to our personalities from prior lifetimes, we can often bring forward talents and abilities we have developed in the past.  We can actually connect with a prior self that can mentor us in handling issues in our current life, e.g., a prior personality who was very effective in business may help us with a current management problem.


More on Ann C. Barham and her recently release book:

Barham’s recently released book The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, details sixteen years of Barham’s experience with past life regression therapy. By opening the files of her most fascinating and insightful client sessions, Barham demystifies past life therapy with a practical, down-to-earth approach.

Barham and her fascinating book has been gaining nationwide media attention. She has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows including, Gaiam TV, Conscious Living, Harpers Brazaar FB Live Sessions, Doctors TV many more. 

Sharing arresting tales from actual clients, readers are invited in to see how traumatic and pivotal experiences from past lives seldom stay in the past but continue to affect our actions, emotions, health, and relationships now.

Not just a book for psychologists or the New Age crowd, The Past Life Perspective is a captivating read for a mainstream audience that you won’t want to but down!



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