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Estevan Jose Montemayor -Director of Communications City of Los Angeles, Lindsey Horvath - West Hollywood City Council, David E. Ryu - LA City Council, Valerie Milano (Photo: THT)
Estevan Jose Montemayor -Dir. of Communications City of Los Angeles, Lindsey Horvath – West Hollywood City Council, David E. Ryu – L.A. City Council, Valerie Milano (Photo: THT)

Entertainment Business Manager John Mcllwee, who is a former Project Angel Food board member, was first to step up with a $10,000 donation this weekend to kick off the fundraising campaign for a replacement flash freezer for Project Angel Food.

The event hosted by award-winning designer Xorin Balbes premiered his historic showcase home in Los Feliz. After a one year remodel and a multi-million dollar facelift, the stunning home was unveiled to a crowd of entertainment executives and philanthropists.

In a matter of 10 minutes, the $45,000 required for the freezer to be purchased immediately was soon raised by the generous group and the final $3,000 to push it over the top was given by MclIwee. “I was so happy to kick off the bidding,” MclIwee said, “because I think the revamped Project Angel Food program is spectacular.”

Other entertainment executives also pitched in including: Bunim/Murray’s founder Jonathan Murray and partner Harvey Reese, movie producers Peter and Natalia Safran, TV talk show producer Kari Sagin and 20th Century Fox Executive Bob Cohen and his husband Tim Robinson.

Guests and Zorin on the right (Photo: THT)
Guests and Xorin on the right (Photo: THT)


The flash freezers are a critical part of the kitchen equipment at Project Angel Food as they allow the food to be frozen without preservatives while keeping its nutrients and its visual appeal. The appearance of the food is very important for people who suffer from critical illness as very often the appetite is diminished. The kitchen at Project Angel Food provides 10,000 meals a week to people living with a variety of life-threatening illness totally free. Project Angel Food has provided more than 10 million meals.

The mission at Project Angel Food has remained the same since its inception 26 years ago — to feed and nourish the sick, by delivering healthy meals throughout Los Angeles County to men and women living with HIV/AIDS.  The mission now includes medically tailored meals delivered to people combatting cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and congestive heart disease. More than 98% of the clients are living well below the poverty line and Project Angel Food is the lifeline filling a vital need in all communities.  The client demographics are 40% Latino, 30% African-American, 21% Caucasian, 5% Asian and 4% other.


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