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Ed Asner
Ed Asner

(DECEMBER 5, 2016 – LOS ANGELES, CA) — Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Ed Asner (Up, The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and Hollywood veteran Sean Young (Blade Runner, Ace Ventura) joined the cast of IN VINO, a dark-comedy thriller written and directed by Italian actor and filmmaker Leonardo Foti (Tipping Point).

IN VINO tells the story of a billionaire (Asner) who convenes his family to discuss their inheritance after almost being killed by one of his own. Production is set to start December, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Foti is an award-winning actor/writer/director whose work has been recognized internationally at the Cannes Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, The USA Film Fest and others.

IN VINO is produced by Fabio Golombek (Experimenter, Like Sunday, Like Rain) and Tom Malloy (Love N’ Dancing, The Alphabet Killer), co-produced by Julio Sobral (Saving Flora, Hotel Everest) and Executive Produced by Marco Gomez of Venture Hill Entertainment.  Casting directors are Dean E. Fronk and Donald P. Pemrick. Director of photography is award-winning cinematographer David Newbert (She’s Just A Shadow, Boomtown).

Also in the IN VINO cast are an ensemble of distinguished Film, TV, and Theatre actors such as: Candice Azzara (Catch Me If You Can, Ocean’s Twelve), Marina Benedict (Prison Break, Flesh And Bone), Andrew Gordon (Modern Family, Raising Hope), Chris Ashworth (The Wire, Terminator Salvation), Allison England (Smothered By Mothers, Dharma And Greg), Jill Michelle Melean (Mad TV, Reno 911), Adam Korson (Imposters, Hot In Cleveland), Brendan Bradley (Friends With Benefits, Frankenstein MD), Jeff Doucette (Doctor Dolittle, Desperate Housewives), Jennifer Candy (According to Jim, Liv And Maddie), Brooks Almy (Life, Everybody Loves Raymond), Natalie Britton (Fuller House), Casey Kramer (Transparent), Kevin Corsini (The Haunted)  and Alex Rose Wiesel (Two and A Half Men, Hart Of Dixie).

Ed Asner is represented by both Greene & Associates Talent Agency and Perry Zimel of Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates (OAZ).  Sean Young is represented by Greg Edwards of Gem Entertainment.


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