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TomTom Fitness Wearables U.S. Announcement

tom tom5Today, TomTom introduced three new fitness wearables with distinctive features to help users track activity, maintain fitness levels and explore new terrain in varying environments. 

·         Touch is the first fitness tracker to monitor Body Composition Analysis (BCA), a more accurate method to gauge weight over BMI, as well as measure all-day heart rate directly from a user’s wrist

·         Spark 3 is an updated GPS watch that comes equipped with Route Exploration; GPS trace is displayed on the watch allowing users to freely explore new places and easily return to their starting point

·         Adventurer is a rugged watch made for the outdoor enthusiast at a price point that makes it affordable for all


New TomTom Sports wearables introduce disruptive features; including the new TomTom Touch, world’s first fitness tracker to measure body composition and all day heart rate from the wrist 

BURLINGTON, MA – September 1, 2016 – TomTom (TOM2) today broadens its fitness wearables portfolio in North America with the announcement of a line of new and distinctive devices:

·         TomTom Touch: World’s first fitness tracker to measure body composition and all day heart rate from the wrist

·         TomTom Spark 3: A fitness watch that leverages TomTom’s well reputed heritage in GPS and map technology, TomTom Spark 3 comes equipped with Route Exploration so that fitness enthusiasts can freely explore new places

·         TomTom Adventurer: A rugged watch with all of the features of Spark 3 and a built-in barometer made for hikers, trail runners and skiers 

“TomTom once again stands out in the wearables market by offering unique feature-rich products at competitive prices, leveraging our heritage in GPS and map technology,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom, Inc.  “Our goal is to change people’s lives by empowering movement with intuitive and easy to use devices. The line of products that launched today is well-designed, versatile and smart, packed with disruptive innovation that will inspire fitness enthusiasts.” 

TOMTOM TOUCH: Track What You’re Made of, Not Just Your Steps

TomTom Touch is a new slim, stylish and easy to use fitness tracker that not only tracks efforts such as steps and calories burned, but also lets the user see the effect of these efforts on their body. TomTom Touch measures body composition (ratio of body fat to muscle mass) to provide a better picture of a person’s overall fitness. Changes in body composition over a period of time illustrates real progress towards users’ fitness goals, in a way that solely tracking steps or stairs never could. Users get a measurement of their body composition with the touch of a button* on the device. 

Body composition provides a better understanding of fitness levels and how it changes over time. TomTom Touch is the most complete fitness tracker as it also gives users the ability to track sleep and heart rate up to five days at a time. 

Further details can be found at 

TOMTOM SPARK 3 GPS Fitness Watch: Now Includes Route Exploration

Building on the popularity and credentials of its predecessor, TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music Bundle GPS Fitness Watch now has a slimmer, sleeker profile and comes equipped with Route Exploration, in addition to a built-in heart rate monitor and on-board music player. Multiple sports modes let users track their activity for running, cycling, swimming, treadmill and gym workouts. 

Route Exploration allows runners to plan and upload up to 15 routes to their watch from TomTom MySports and platforms such as Strava, providing the freedom to explore new places. Every time athletes hit the road, their GPS trace is displayed on the watch allowing them to find their way back to the start. This useful feature is ideal for blazing new trails or for exploring new cities.  

With 3GB of on-board music storage, the TomTom Spark 3 holds up to 500 songs**, and they are easily transferred to the device from playlists users create from iTunes® or Windows Media® Player. The included wireless Bluetooth® headphones enable users to cut-the-cord to intrusive and cumbersome wires while listening to music and getting real-time progress updates from the voice coach.  

Further details can be found at 


TomTom Adventurer is a GPS watch specifically made for those who prefer to be active outside; including hikers, trail runners, and those hitting the slopes. The rugged TomTom Adventurer comes equipped with all of the features found in the Spark 3, with the addition of a barometer, compass, built-in heart rate monitor, on-board music player and additional dedicated sports modes for trail running, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. It automatically detects slope runs and provides live altitude for ascent and descent metrics. 

The Route Exploration feature and extended battery life*** provides users with an entire day of hiking – trail lovers can explore with confidence and can find their path back to their starting point. 

Further details can be found at /sports/outdoor-watches/. 

Wear it 24/7 and Track via TomTom MySports App

TomTom Touch, TomTom Adventurer and TomTom Spark 3 are designed to be worn 24/7 and include everything you’d expect from the best fitness trackers available today – track steps, sleep, heart-rate and calories burned. 

It’s easy to dive into workout stats, view progress and share achievements with friends via the free TomTom MySports companion app. Performance statistics and graphs help make sense of specific activities and track daily progress from TomTom’s wearable devices. 

Pricing and Availability

TomTom Touch MSRP: $129.99

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music Bundle MSRP: $249.99

TomTom Adventurer MSRP: $349.99 

TomTom Touch, TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music Bundle and TomTom Adventurer will be available in stores in October. 

* Results may vary significantly and could be affected by multiple factors. Try to take the measurements at the same time of day under same conditions.

** Based on an average song length of 3:30. Total number of songs may vary depending on size of files.

*** Extended battery life to 24 hours.  Available in Hiking Sport mode only. 

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