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Exploring Terra Incognita of the Artist Alexey Klokov

cEarlier in February of this year LA residents had a chance to attend the solo exhibition Terra Incognita by Russian Contemporary artist Alexey Klokov that turned out a huge success. The exhibition located at Seyhoun Art Gallery on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, shortly became filled with the bombastic variety of color and improvisation during that time. Ten art pieces total of different series were presented during the event. The organizers wanted to have maximum exposure of Alexey Klokov’s multiple talents and ability to “dance” gracefully and effortlessly between styles and genres of painting. For example, one of the paintings, famous Harmony of Two, tells a story about unity and harmony. It is a breathtaking story about two lovers living separately in their own parallel universe and later discovering one world they could share with each other.

indexThe series Awakening is all about cyclic recurrence, a new step of rebirth and activity, very bright, powerful and energetic. During the exhibition the series was represented by two art pieces, Spring Solo and Good News.

cccccAlso, the abstract paintings Alexey Klokov for which he was called a true virtuoso, were shown there. Creating a surreal depth that deconstructs the concrete and sublime, in these works he drives the contemplation where the conscious and unconscious minds meet. So, it is not a surprise art critics called it Dialectics of Colors. The appearance of Russian artists on the international art platform always draws a lot of attention of experts and art collectors. No doubt, Alexey Klokov’s art, which had Los Angeles residents all bursting with excitement, has a great potential. Alexey is an artist whose exhibitions already have spanned the world – Russia, Japan, the UK, Austria and the US. Including inspiration and elements of a wide variety of sources, Alexey Klokov is becoming popular among a wide variety of collectors. His paintings can be found in dozens of collections of politicians and financiers, prominent members of show business and others. Silvio Berlusconi, the family of Emir of Qatar, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Boris Jordan,

Quentin Tarantino, Emir Kusturica, and Paco Rabanne’s names are just a few in the big list of celebs who keep Alexey’s paintings in their art collections.

Photo Credit: Naira Velumyan, PR

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