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As Writer and Director Leah Myette screens her first and second season of horror web series, Hotel Barclay, audiences are left chilled and thrilled for the third season.

Dark HeartsBy: Kim Kennedy 

Los Angeles, CA Sony Pictures Studio, (The Hollywood Times) 02/11/2016 – “You can expect even bigger, more dramatic concepts in season three” – said Writer/ Director, Leah Myette. 

As I walked into the reception, I was greeted with eerie techno music and waitresses dressed in elaborate gothic outfits and heavy eyeliner. This lead me to believe we were in for a horror fan’s treat. Leah Myette’s Hotel Barclay did not disappoint and neither did the story of how the series came about. 

Cast & Crew Hotel Barclay, Leah Myette, Hotel Barclay, Dark Hearts copyright :
Cast & Crew Hotel Barclay, Leah Myette, Hotel Barclay, Dark Hearts
copyright :

Whilst living in a refurbished haunted hotel, Leah Myette was inspired to write the chilling tales of Hotel Barclay. She tackles subjects not for the faint hearted, such as incest, rape and drug abuse, combining modern day issues with the grandeur of classic horror. With each episode, brings new guests. We follow them through the hotel, as they encounter the more permanent residents- the undead. 

The storylines, of both past and present, cleverly coincide for an almost, uncomfortable viewing experience. This is hardly surprising, as Leah boasts her love of classic horror, and hoped to bring that to life in the episodic horror series. Growing up in New York, Leah watched films such as The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby, at an early age, leaving her writing gritty and imaginative. 

As the name would suggest, the Hotel has a huge presence, both for the audience and everyone involved. With the cast and director both drawing on inspiration from the hotel, you would not believe that there were many changes of location. 

“Ideally we would have shot in the hotel for every episode, but it just wasn’t possible”, Myette. But with consistently dramatic visual and lighting choices, you completely believe everything the Hotel has to offer- it is a character in itself. 

After viewing only 4 episodes, I was left wondering what else could this writer/ director bring us in seasons to come. 

“You can expect even bigger, more dramatic concepts in season three”, Myette. A strong statement to make after watching two separate rape scenes, and cinematic imagery that would challenge any viewer. But with two previous horror feature films to her name, I have no doubt that season three will live up to her statement, I look forward to the thrills and chills in season three.


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