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Stefan’s at L.A. Farm

Chef Stefan Richter of LA Farm
Chef Stefan Richter of LA Farm

Bring your taste buds

By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/21/13 – Stefan Richter’s new summer food & happy hour menus for Santa Monica’s favorite restaurant, Stefan’s at L.A. Farm. Since his opening in 2009, Bravo’s Top Chef has completely renovated the space, giving the restaurant an elegant new look and creating an electric ambiance!

THT asked Stefan what kept him up at night?  Was he concerned that a customer would be unhappy with his menu, ambiance or experience?  He responded with “I just provide a fun place for people to come out and enjoy food at a reasonable, fair price.  I believe that is the key nowadays, to keep the prices within reach for the locals, somewhere in the $27.00 to $40.00 range and you will keep a really good regular business.  I think the days of seeing $100.00 per person tickets are gone, and if you don’t respond to the times, you will get left behind.”  When we asked if he believed that the restaurant business was about volume since each location probably has less patronage, he agreed.  We also wanted to know if his signature involvement gets diluted with so many locations opening worldwide, and he said “no, you just have to maintain good relationships and train the next chefs to appreciate quality like I do.”

Stefan was so down to earth.  He speaks with such zeal and a matter of fact sort of tone, that he welcomes Winitsky and Makkar people by being so direct, energetic and exciting.  As we were walking out to the front to interview Stefan, he introduced Alex Winitsky as a prince and Mr. Winitzky’s wife as a princess.  Mr. Winitsky and his late business partner built the L.A. Farms, development and later sold it, but held on to the restaurant.  “Since the last chef decided to leave and pick up his life in Costa Rica, Stefan walked in, changed the menu and made what was more like a commissary to a place that my wife and I eat here at least three times a week,” said Alex.  We later found out that Alex was a major film producer and lawyer and current member of The Academy (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the body that selects the Oscar winners).

The food was delicious, Stefan Richter’s personality and the ambience was very, very nice!

Be sure to bring your taste buds because there is a good selection of surf and turf that can tickle your taste buds.  Parking can be pricey but it is the west side, however quite convenient with a valet option or self park.

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