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Day 2 of Los Angeles Fashion Week in association with Art Hearts Fashion and Project Ethos


By Svetlana Krapivina

Taglyan Complex, Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/12/15 – Day 2 of Los Angeles Fashion Week in association with Art Hearts Fashion and Project Ethos was marked by the performance of several designers: Hale Bob, Chrissie Diaz, Lubov Tumanova, Liberty Garden, Meghan Walsh, Nathanelle Couture, and Nicole Miller.

THT was especially pleased to see the infusion of international tendencies represented by Lubov Tumanova’s collection (LubOV TumanOVa) into West Coast fashion industry this year.

rus2On Tuesday Lubov showed her Copper Fairy Tale collection marked by usage of copper decor and accessories that make this collection so unique. The dresses and suits in peach, turquoise, sapphire and copper colors brought a lot of attention that evening. The collection was inspired by the designer’s travels in eastern countries, so one could notice eastern style copper ornaments in clothing and accessories.

After the show THT talked to the designer about her new collection and the whole experience of performing in the United States this year:

THT: Lubov, how did you start you career as a designer?

rus3Lubov Tumanova: I got musical education when I was a child and dreamed about being a singer but later I changed my mind and entered the Academy of Arts. I got good education: I know what I do, I always think over the details, hairstyle, make up, music etc.. I always try to do my best and have people enjoying my shows.

THT: How did you succeed in this industry?

Lubov Tumanova: I think I got successful from the very first show when I had a model who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was about four or five years ago. And for my second show I had Mario Boselli coming, and you know, Mario Boselli is a president of Milan Fashion Week. After that the success continued and people began ordering my clothes, and singers began inquiring the looks for stage. I usually work with scenic images.

rus4THT: I know you had a show in Vancouver…

Lubov Tumanova: Yes, I participated in Vancouver Fashion Week, it was great! I really liked it! Very nice and creative people.

THT: What do you like the most about Hollywood? About LA Fashion Week?

Lubov Tumanova: I enjoyed the approach and people dressed with the style. The organization is also nice, the organizers are very professional!

THT: What makes your collection unique?

Lubov Tumanova: For this season and the last season I prepared a special collection using copper, a metal that improves your health. Copper treats different illnesses. My dresses are not only beautiful but healthy as well! It was so hard to work with it: to combine silk, textile with metal.  You can order my clothes online, also I have showrooms in London and Moscow.

Lubov was accompanied by the producer Tim Marlowe. “She makes amazing things for me, she is a good friend”, he told to THT.

More information is available here:






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The sponsor of Project Ethos is French Tuesday in partnership with Got Table, Canard-Duchene, Apex Estate Group, Glendale Infiniti, Toast Vodka, and Gilded Cells

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