Hollyshorts to Embark on a New Decade!

Hollyshorts Film Festival is one to keep in the calendar regularly!


By Cynthia Griffing


Claudia Christian and Adam Schomer of ONE LITTLE PILL photo by The Hollywood Times
Claudia Christian and Adam Schomer of ONE LITTLE PILL photo by The Hollywood Times

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/23/2014 ~ The final evening for the Hollyshorts Film Festival aka HSFF.  Leaving the audience with two heart   These two films are poignant.  Reaching down to the places in our society that are shadowed and unpleasant to be truthful about, the closing two films brought home the need for knowledge on both subject matters. jolting documentaries, was a very powerful way to exit HSFF’s 10th Anniversary year at TCL Chinese Theatre. Also, showing that HSFF, is bringing Art in film with all it’s painful beauty to the forefront.

Claudia Christian, Adam Schomer, from ONE LITTLE PILL photo by The Hollywood Times
Claudia Christian, Adam Schomer, from ONE LITTLE PILL photo by The Hollywood Times

The first film screened this evening was ONE LITTLE PILL, the Executive Producer and narrator being Claudia Christian, whom stared in Babylon 5 (1994 – 1998), and most recently seen in an Episode of Castle 2014.  Directed and Produced by Adam Schomer.  One Little Pill goes on to show how The Sinclair Method has been held back an unchanging system for which treatment of Alcoholism is treated by abstinence.  Dr. John David Sinclair, of  Helsinki, Finland.

“The craving goes up & up”.  ~ Dr. J.David Sinclair

The documentary of ONE LITTLE PILL goes on to explain how taking the Naltrexone which is a opioid receptor antagonist aids in decreasing the desire for alcohol.

The final film of the evening and the HSFF,                                                                                    was Chelsea’s Light, A Brother’s Journey.

Chelsea's Light poster
Chelsea’s Light poster

Meeting with Kristie Grover, before hand was the highlight of the evening. Kristie Grover is the Executive Director of the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, www.cheleaslight.org

She herself being a survivor twice once at age 4 then again at age 8, she is happy to carry the torch of Chelsea and other victims of  Serial pedophiles.  Remembering back to the winter of 2010, hearing the news of a young 17 year old, gone missing, perhaps after a regular run on San Diego trails.  Due to her being a victim of a senseless crime  Chelsea’s  Law was passed to help all children. http://www.chelseaslight.org/programs/chelseas-law/

Kristie Grover (center of photo)  photo by The Hollywood Times
Kristie Grover (center of photo) photo by The Hollywood Times

Directed and Produced by Bruce Caulk, written and narrated by Chelsea’s brother Tyler King. Executive Producers are Brent & Kelly King.  Chesea’s Light shows use that unfortunately, no one, no where is immune to the vicious, hateful crime.

“I want people to care. My future is dampened without her”.   ~   Tyler King

Chelsea’s Light, bringing up the question rehabilitation for the perpetrators, is it possible, and what must be done to stop this senseless crime with many victims.

One mother who interview her daughter’s and Chelsea’s perpetrator stated, ” They are cowards but they are not stupid. No, they cannot be rehabilitated”.

About Hollyshorts Film Festival

The Hollyshorts Film Festival brings together so many films under different catagories, with names, such as, Youth, Canadian Showcase, Afternoon Delight, 3D & Visual Stimulation, Horror Programing, Vive La France, Documentary Shorts, Time Machine, and Animation for Grown-Ups, just to name a few. HSFF presents a Film conference as well, in which filmmakers can participate, and learn more about making a better film. With classes starting, as early as, 11AM and going to 5:30PM with the seminars ranging from Crowfunding to Build Independence, The Golden Age of TV, How to make a successful Transition into  Feature Films, WIF – Women in Film at Hollyshorts and many more.

Many filmmakers, went out of their way to state, “Hollyshorts is the Film Festival that allows the film maker to get,  as close as, they can to Award Winning Gold.

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