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By Michael Hepworth

imgres-71West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/29/14 – September sees the release of the latest product in the GREY GOOSE empire, GREY GOOSE® VX, a combination of their brand leader vodka and cognac. A soft launch of private tastings in select cities saw SPIRITSMAN treading the boards in West Hollywood this week for a very select gathering that included two of their brand ambassadors, bar owner David Kaplan and roving ambassador Guillaume Jubien.

The potent combination will be priced at $74.99, and it comes in a beautiful, opaque-style glass bottle sure to impress any of your house guests. Unfortunately, the Maître de Chai for GREY GOOSE, François Thibault, could not be in attendance; but, because he is the mastermind behind this classy concoction, he was there in spirit — literally.

The cognac used is young cognac that has likely been aged for only about two years. Since some cognac can be aged for up to sixty years, this younger type gives the drink an elegant floral flavor with hints of jasmine, apricot, peach, honey, and plum. Even though the cognac is young, the grapes for the wheat-based vodka are very mature. The breakdown for the 40% Alcohol by volume drink is 95% vodka and 5% cognac.

url1What kind of food will go with this drink? The dinner we had, that was prepared by Matthew Chow, started out with flight of ceviche on a bed of ice with oysters, snapper and uni. This was followed by a crab salad with Upland Cress, Asian pear, sugar snap peas and walnuts. The main course was either a Crispy Duck Breast w/ a coconut risotto or a Pan Roasted Bass w/ Anson Mills polenta, summer squash and New Zealand spinach. All this was concluded with a honey vodka peach, a peach scone crumble, and a black pepper ice cream.

A couple of GREY GOOSE cocktails rounded out the evening. The GREY GOOSE Le Blanc Fizz is a potent mixture of Vodka, Vergus blanc, St.Germain and Martini Bianco. These are not drinks to drink in abundance as the sweet taste deceives the drinker as to the strength.

These were prepared by GREY GOOSE ambassador and Los Angeles bar owner David Kaplan.  One of his bars is “Honeycut” in downtown Los Angeles. The cocktail utilized VX Vodka, and included cocoa nib pear liqueur and amontillado sherry. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. If you want VX neat, use a chilled snifter.

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