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Bert Bedrosian to launch MIRACLE MINT!

“Our goal was to develop a product that would help every man and woman reach their fitness and weight loss goals”, says MIRACLE MINT CEO, Bert Bedrosian

May we have a little MORE, Bert Bedrosian, Please!

Miracle Mint a new product by Bert Bedrosian.

Miracle Mint a new confection by Bert Bedrosian.
Miracle Mint a new confection by Bert Bedrosian.

By Cynthia Griffing

LOS ANGELES, CA. (The Hollywood Times), August 25, 2014 ~ Mr. Bert Bedrosian, a renowned serial entrepreneur has announced that he will be introducing a wonderful new confection product to the world late this Fall or Early Winter. This product will be called MIRACLE MINT, a new refreshing high energy appetite suppression mint that stops hunger fast while creating hours of focus and energy by simply chewing a mint. TheHollywoodTimes.net had the dubious honor of speaking with the vivacious Bert Bedrosian this week. Bert Bedrosian’s Miracle Nutraceuticals LLC will be bringing us fully into the New Century with such an innovative product. Bert is a high caliber entrepreneur who looks at the WHOLE picture when developing a new product.

Bert Bedrosian
Bert Bedrosian

Bert Bedrosian, started noticing the change in the cash register area at convenience stores. This is now considered “prime real estate” at convenience stores and other retail outlets. Realizing there is money to be made here with a product that will benefit the general population, looking for a non-perishable item to fill this area in your local store, the task was set to find or create that unique item. Reviewing the other products on the market, and studying the success of other energy items, Bert Bedrosian discovered that MIRACLE MINT could be a success. He set out to create not only a new product, but also an entirely new category of product. Introducing consumer trials of MIRACLE MINT in Columbus, OH, and Portland, Oregon in 2012. Bert Bedrosian, feels he has found a winning combination. Employing a chemist who once worked at Wrigley’s, Bedrosian met the challenges and created MIRACLE MINT in all of 14 months. Miracle Mint is the world’s first appetite suppressant and energy confection.

Bert Bedrosian, told me the Key to his creative genius is “Circumstances create Opportunities” then allowing that to be followed by serendipitous spontaneity… a hit will be made. You know many of Bert Bedrosian’s products and use many of them on a regular basis. One being, electronic software that can help save lives including satellite navigation improvements and enhanced 911, which have helped people around the world with safety. Tapout, the popular MMA brand, and MTVs first licensed products. Bert Bedrosian is also making strides in the medical field with TOD – Total Occlusion Device, which will center a guide wire and drill a hole in a clogged artery without perforating the artery or sending a patient to bypass surgery. Three balloons center the guide wire allowing the patient to leave the hospital within a few hours without major surgery. Bert also invented a medical emergency dispatch product for seniors (I’m falling and I can’t get up). Finding simple Solutions to Big Problems is what makes Bert Bedrosian very happy.

Reminding us of a modern day Benjamin Franklin, or George Washington Carver two Americans inventor/entrepreneurs, who worked to make beneficial strides for humanity. His MIRACLE MINT venture is the latest chapter in this mission to ignite next generation products that help make a difference in people’s lives.

Description: https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif“Our goal was to develop a product that would help every man and woman reach their fitness and weight loss goals”, says MIRACLE MINT CEO, Bert Bedrosian. “Now that we have filed our patents and other intellectual property as well as tested our product successfully at retail, we have appointed a prominent national broker to make our product available to the masses. We expect to announce that partnership shortly”, Bedrosian explains.




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  1. Eric Nowicki

    I found these at my local convenient corner and these mints not only work very well as an appetite suppressant but also taste GREAT! I am certainly looking forward to these being more readily available and will keep a pack in my backpack for those long hiking trips or work days where I need to maintain high energy and focus.


  2. I’ve heard about Bert Bedrosian – seems like he can’t do anything wrong… I’m looking forward to trying this.


  3. Monte Smith

    Where do I invest? Sounds awesome!


  4. Stephanie Ross

    I was given one of these in a gift bag at a awards show gifting suite, they absolutely work. Have continued to ordered them online.


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