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Where Sexy Ladies are so Much Fun to Watch, and the Margaritas are Just as Hot!

El Cid ~ Where Sexy Ladies are so Much Fun to Watch, and the Margaritas are Just as Hot!

Bair, Steiner & Meadows @ El Cid (Photo: The Hollywood TImes)
Bair, Steiner & Bliss @ El Cid (Photo: The Hollywood TImes)

By Natalia Bair

Los Angeles, CA (El Cid, 4212 W Sunset Blvd) (The Hollywood Times) 7/27/2014 – “All our girls perform to the live music, you don’t really see it at any other burlesque show”, the producer andcreator of Sultry Sweet Burlesque and Variety Show Cherish Bliss sounds very convincing stating that her show is very unique. And it is true – once a month every guest of El Cid can experience it themselves. This historical landmark restaurant, serving exceptional Mexican food and drinks for last 50 years, hosts a very exclusive party, when sexy girls and guys rock your world with their excellent classic burlesque skills to an original soundtrack—accompanied by their own live band!.

“Every song takes 12 to 14 hours to put together, and we have a whole new program for every show”, shared Rob Steiner, musical director and producer of the venue.

Tonight’s performance is titled “Comic Strip, Cosplay and Corsets,” featuring a variety of colorful, well-known characters for anybody who regretted missing Comic-Con International in San Diego this year. Among them were Wonderwoman with her surprising wonders that were reveled to the happy audience, Sleeping Beauty that will unlikely make you sleepy yourself, one naughty Cat Woman performing breath-taking tricks on the aerial hoop, and Maleficent with such curves that only a fool would not invite her to the party! “I came all the way from Japan to the United States to be able to be a part of a burlesque show”, confessed Nikita Bitch Project, who presented the most authentic sexy Gogo Yubari version any Tarantino fan could ever dream of. And that’s just a brief list of the amazing performers, who brought a lot of joy, laughs and tickles in all right places to everybody who came to El Cid that night. Onlookers also had a chance to chase this hot show with a Jalapeno Margarita – the best (though the most challenging) drink in the house.

So you better not miss Sultry Sweet Burlesque— celebrating its 2 year anniversary next month. The show will be hosted as always in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere of El Cid: where you’re guaranteed a fun night out along with delicious tapas and a Variety of beautiful ladies!

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