Month: July 2014

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 LeAnn and Eddie on VH1

By Valerie Milano

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 7/30/14 –

“….you know, ultimately, this is a comedy.” Eddie Cibrian

Recognizing the perilous shortage of reality programming on cable, VHI has gifted us with LeAnn and Eddie. This is celebrity reality in the mold of Gene Simmons Family Values or The Osbournes. However, LeAnn and Eddie has none of the wit of the former nor the chaotic pathos of the latter. The good news is, they try to maintain their dignity and walk a high road. The bad news is, they try to maintain their dignity and walk a high road. Reality show fans have spoken, they like hissin’, spittin’, fartin’ and overturned brunch tables, not good behavior.

#Hwoodtimes Latest News -TheHollywoodTimes


By: Judy Shields and Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 7/30/14 – “The pinnacle of my career is having a budget to build this dream radio station and to be able to be a mentor to other kids who want jobs in radio and electronics. If you want something bad enough in the career you want you must work hard enough to get the job.” Johnny Morris, creator and manager of Roscoes’ Media Center told The Hollywood Times at the grand opening. He is a pioneer in this field and now wants to pay it forward and teach others about radio and the technique on how to build radio stations.

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Up Close with Alex Cole of BIGROUGH.

With Harley Duggan (Bass) and Dusty Shaller (Drums), this three-piece band has more than enough energy to fill any venue with an explosive sound that makes you want to stand up and put your fist in the air. I saw them perform at this year’s Lotus Festival in Echo Park. When they took the stage and launched into the opening riff for “Burning Down In Flames” it felt like the crowd had all been gathered there just to see them. Powerful and commanding, Bigrough reminds us what wild Rock and Roll is all about.

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August 1st…Five Artist Show Opens at FABstudio!

For this exhibition, she will be showing works from her “Etichette” series which consist of collages featuring a color field background with found labels attached. She explains, “I use acrylic paint for these backgrounds. Each work takes approximately a month and I can wor2 or 3 at a time. I like to use oil paint on the “Bergy Bit” paintings for texture.