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Young Entertainer Cameron Nino Wows Audience

9 year  old virtuoso Cameron Nino
9 year  old virtuoso Cameron Nino

By Valerie Milano  

Santa Monica, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/8/13 – Cameron Nino wowed a full house at the Promenade Playhouse’s Soho Stage in Santa Monica with a three-song private guitar recital during the Awareness Festival. His performance included an original adaptation of the Main Theme from Beverly Hills Cop, Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Redemption Song by Bob Marley. The heart-touching performance was truly inspirational.

Cameron Nino was born on November 25, 2003 at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to actress Kimmarie Johnson. This 9 year old will be starting 5th Grade this school year. Cameron started playing the guitar just before he turned 8. Cameron recalls that his mother asked him to choose what instrument he would like to learn how to play and he chose the guitar. Asked why he chose the guitar, he told THT, “It is simply fun and I love the sounds I can make with it.”

Cameron Nino introduced his adaptation of Beverly Hills Cop as “Back in the Day”. He played the hook on his Fender Stratocaster, and rapped over the accompanying chord progression. Jon Kim, founder and owner of the University of Rock, played the accompanying back up. The song talks about the state of the planet back in the days when there were Dinosaurs roaming the planet. The song pointedly talks about the simplicity of life back in the day. Cameron also told The Hollywood Times, “I wrote the lyrics for “Back in the Day” because I wanted to raise awareness of how the habits we have formed over generations under mines the future of the planet.” He talked about future generations and preserving the earth. He said that he had learned about Global Warming in school and he wants to contribute to the effort of slowing down the damage to the environment and hopefully help the process of reversing the damages already done.

His solo performance of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song left the audience with a poignant feeling. It was a very innocent and heartfelt call to “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery”. Cameron Nino also said to us “I love to play video games. But am also aware of the brain-washing capability of those games.”  His interpretation of Bob Marley’s song is a direct appeal to kids to play video games but to also strive to emancipate themselves from the brain-washing characteristics of those games. When not writing songs or honing his guitar-playing skills, Cameron Nino said he loves to play video games on his Wii-U console. He also spends time making YouTube videos for his gaming channel on youtube – TheEpicGamer567. With the help of his mother, Cameron Nino has worked on a few film projects. He recently worked with author and artist James Mihaley on a film based on Jim Mihaley’s book “You Can’t Have My Planet But Take My Brother, Please”. The book is currently listed as ‘Best Book of the Year’ by the Bank Street College of Education in NYC.

Cameron Nino is a young artist to keep an eye on. You can watch his performances on his Facebook page – and on YouTube at To contact Cameron Nino, send information to or follow him on Twitter at

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